12 April 2006

Street Fighter Trivia

Warum heisst Balrog auf einmal M.Bison? Oder umgedreht? Wie heisst nochmal der ultimative Super? Das und mehr erfahrt ihr, wenn ihr weiterlest. Leider weiss ich nicht mehr, wo ich die einzelnen Fragmente her habe, daher ohne Quellenangabe. Und auf englisch.

The character known as M. Bison in the original Japanese game was considered a legal liability by Capcom USA, his backstory very similar to that of Mike Tyson as, of course, was his name. In order to pre-empt any lawsuits on the part of Tyson, the names of all the bosses except Sagat (who had been around since the original Street Fighter), were re-arranged, something which has since caused no shortage of confusion when attempting description.

Origins of Akuma : The name 'Sheng Long' comes from the Japanese 'shouryuu', meaning 'rising dragon'. The kanji used in 'shouryuu' was pronounced as if it was Cantonese. One of Ryu's win quotes in the English version of "Street Fighter II" said, 'You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance'. At the time, fans of Street Fighter II thought that Sheng Long had referred to a person - the supposed master of Ryu and Ken, and not one of Ryu's moves (the Shouryuu Ken).

The creation of Akuma comes from an April Fool's joke in Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine where the editors claimed that you could fight Sheng Long in the game by not touching M. Bison, the final boss of "Street Fighter II". Sheng Long would then come out of nowhere and kill Bison, and you would fight him. Sheng Long was supposed to have the moves of Ryu and Ken, but did much more damage and was also faster. To make this joke more believable, fake screenshots were made. Soon after, many fans, believing that the joke was true, flocked to "Street Fighter II" machines, hoping that they could fight a nonexistent character. When asked about whether the joke was true, Capcom did not confirm nor deny it as the sudden infusion of money into their machines was driving up business; Capcom USA was taken in by the gag, and actually contact Capcom Japan and asked if the Sheng Long thing was legit. Only much later was this joke was revealed as such, by Electronic Gaming Monthly themselves.

Ironically, in "Super Street Fighter II Turbo", parts of this story became true. Like the joke, Akuma would appear from out of nowhere and kill Bison, and you would fight him, and similarly, Akuma had the moves of Ryu and Ken, and was much faster and dealt much more damage. As many people were accustomed to Sheng Long, many people called Akuma erroneously by the name Akuma Long. The move that was used to kill Bison (the Shun Goku Satsu) was also erroneously called the Bison Killer (correct: Instant Hell Murder).

Storywise, during the Shun Goku Satsu the martial artist drags their victim to the Netherealm (Hell) where their bodies are both burned and simultaneously attacked by demons. The ferocity with which these demons attack depends on the amount of negative karma an individual has accrued over their lifetime. As a result, the martial artist performing the technique also puts their life in jeopardy. Even the innocent are not afforded any safety from a successfully performed Shun Goku Satsu, although they'll only be attacked for a short time before they'll go to Heaven if the victim is a good person (he does NOT have to necessarily be a saint). Against pure evil, this attack can be devastating, since all bad people go to the Netherealm to burn for eternity, even though the demons only attack the person for a short time. The only way to defend against it is by clearing the mind of all desire, guilt, hatred, and anger. Gen, Ryu, and Oro were able to survive the Shun Goku Satsu in this way. In the games, the amount of damage inflicted by the Shun Goku Satsu is consistent between characters and is unblockable if it connects. Effectively, the move is considered a throw super move.

By the way: Akuma/Gouki is the brother of Gouken (the sensei of Ryu and Ken) and has been taught directly by Goutetsu the creator of the martial arts form called Ansatsuken (Assassin Fist). He killed both of them with his Shun Goku Satsu technique.

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